Hypno essential oil (10ml)

It is a scent that helps to relax your body and mind before hypnosis or meditation.


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Hypno essential oil (10ml)

Essence of Alchemy. Hypnosis itself is a very delicate alchemy, touching the deepest parts of subconscious, rapidly transforming and liberating. The preparation is very important. To have courage to see your deepest fears, let it go, it can be quite challenging. So yes, we use all we got on the Earth to help us.

The smell, what we breathe in – this sense doesn’t have any filters, that’s why we use it  to help surrender to inner self, our inner God seed.

It’s helps you to dive into the depths of your own being. To start your journey into the heart and self-knowledge.

After all, we are most afraid to see something terrible in ourselves, even though we know in our heart there is nothing terrifying in us, but we are afraid.

This deep smell shatters all fears into micro particles and it disappears.

Just You remains, and when you inhale this natural smell, you feel one with nature.

This essential oil can be used on your skin.

It helps to release control, mutual illusions, adherence to the past.

You will feel harmony, peace and meet yourself, your pure purest soul.



This Hypno Oil has protection with Canella, which helps to meet your inner child. Frankincense dive into the deepest layers,  deeper to find the real wisdom. Lavender calming, with Peppermint to energise. Pomelo is not letting to fall asleep, so the nervous system sleeps, but the subconscious is active. Bergamot directly acting on the central nervous system – harmonising it, with Cedar Wood grounding. Ylang ylang helps with smooth transformation – to feel safe. Also I used a special ingredient, from Island of the Gods, Bali. Oil recommended for all kind of spiritual therapies – like hypnosis, meditation or just feel centred daily.

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Customer Reviews

“Thank you for the really wonderful gifts. San Pedro is already finished and the scents are the most amazing. San Pedro less than half a bottle left already. I consume every hour especially today. I felt like I wanted to.” (Magic Trinity Gift)
-Danguole Saule
“Thank you all, Wonderful Goddess, for it was to hear you all. I used your gifts by intuition, I smeared my wrists with perfume, I could smell it all evening and even my head was light from the aroma. And San Pedro … going to bed for some reason I wanted to put a drop on my palms, rubbed it well and went to sleep, at night I dreamed of how an Angel formed from a cloud. The next day I was doing Reiki, and I put it on my palms again, before the session, and Angel appeared during the session, also said his name. These are the first miraculous experiences. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” (Magic Trinity Gift)
-Inga Fedirkaite
“Thank you, Otilija, all of you my dearest, Universe, for this miracle. Tears rolled over watching your video. Thank you for your kindness and unconditional love.” (Magic Trinity Gift)
-Jadvyga Zaldariene
“I use it mostly before meditations for perception and depth. I would call this help easier access to the reception of everything that is” (San Pedro essence)

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