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Why my new album called – Harmony of the Soul?

Harmony of the Soul reflects the harmony of my life, the proficiencies, the lessons, the experiences and always with the music and sounds I come back or find my center.
Every song is a deep experience. Love and gratitude for this experience. A reminder that there are all kinds of music notes, all kinds of colors in life experience and all of them are important. But whatever happens, always be in your heart, in harmony with your Soul.
Songs in the mantra prayer album, lead to light, balance, harmony.

10 healing songs are waiting for you in this CD.

Alchemical musical instrument – Harmony

It is recommended to listen in a meditative state 4 times.

4 minutes, 4 elements, harmonizing 4 elements in your body: water, earth, air, fire.

In the meditative state, listening 4 times is quite shifting (may feel difference in the temperature levels, cold or hot limbs, sudden need to go to the toilet, tears / laughter and etc.).

CAUTION – after meditation get up carefully, because you can feel dizzy, be careful with sudden movements. It’s recommended to take photos before and after listening to this meditation and see the difference in the face of how quickly the sound of music changes and transforms our body.

It is also recommended to listen to this alchemical piece through the full / empty moon or half-moon, as of now. Light a candle.

After listening for this healing music 4 times, put Ho’oponopono mantra and listen for a few times. To visual love for yourself, that you are grateful for yourself and forgive yourself.

Ho’oponopono Mantra

Healing musical instrument. You can listen for hours, because this mantra just leads you from the negative mood, anger, pain, frustration when there are moments to tears and you don’t want anything anymore. This mantra is magical. The words are very simple:

“I love you, Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”– and so it repeats again whole mantra.

When you start listening, you don’t even notice how you start humming these words yourself. For example, you can even imagine a person with whom you have a relationship, or you are angry or something similar and just chant or sing, repeat this mantra.

Also while listening to this mantra, it is also very highly recommended to imagine yourself and sing to yourself, to hum: “I love you” – feel love for yourself. “Sorry” – humility to yourself. “Please forgive me” – feel ingenuity. “Thank you” – thank you for everything I went through and still going through.

Very often you even feel this mantra to tears, which is very good, it is an indicator that you feeling it deeply. Listening Ho’oponopono mantra for at least 15 minutes changes the inner vibration of a person, feeling love for oneself and it completely changes the mood for the whole day.

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Customer Reviews

We worked with you on hypnosis for eczema a week ago. 3 days after the session, I clearly started watching that the new inflammation doesn’t start and the old one gets serious! The whole skin just becomes smooth and elastic! In the evenings I don’t play half an hour of digging anymore – the body no longer needs it, and if the skin stings, I repeat the mantra “I am in the first place, I am in the second place, I am in the third place” and I return myself to the axis, to my own needs !!! There was already a downside – cold in Lithuania. It was the hardest time for the skin. And this time I had a check. SKIN NO LONGER REAGENTS! It doesn’t hurt anymore, it doesn’t hurt anymore. In meditation, thank you to both you and your body. There is still room to heal, but I believe the change will happen in a couple of weeks! It’s liberation!
Hello, Otilia, I did not write because I wanted to check the timing of whether hypnosis helped the subconscious to change the program..🙂 After the meeting with you and after the hippotherapy I did not have any eating attacks … The topic of nutrition has eased … The condition is calmer. I still can’t believe that the 13-year program may just disappear :) so I’m quietly checking and waiting …
“Thank you for the really wonderful gifts. San Pedro is already finished and the scents are the most amazing. San Pedro less than half a bottle left already. I consume every hour especially today. I felt like I wanted to.” (Magic Trinity Gift)
-Danguole Saule
“Thank you all, Wonderful Goddess, for it was to hear you all. I used your gifts by intuition, I smeared my wrists with perfume, I could smell it all evening and even my head was light from the aroma. And San Pedro … going to bed for some reason I wanted to put a drop on my palms, rubbed it well and went to sleep, at night I dreamed of how an Angel formed from a cloud. The next day I was doing Reiki, and I put it on my palms again, before the session, and Angel appeared during the session, also said his name. These are the first miraculous experiences. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” (Magic Trinity Gift)
-Inga Fedirkaite

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