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Sound Celebration with Sacred Cacao

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Otilija Song and Jonas Lengvinas are inviting you to Sound Celebration with Sacred Cacao.

This special event will be held on the rooftop in Torrevieja, near Alicante, 3rd June.

During this sound celebration you will be able to see Sound Temple, it‘s under construction and it’s coming soon. And you will be first to see it and feel the vibration of this sacred space.

We created very powerful/deep meditation and song this week. Please feel free to visit my Youtube  profile – Otilija Song. Listen to Butterfly and Harmony.

Harmony meditation was born during the full moon and it helps to harmonise your being, to come back to the center and connect with 4 elements.

Sacred Cacao

Cacao is an excellent master plant, very healing for the body and soul. It is a special experience to experience love, forgiveness, healing of your body and soul and deep states of healing and reconnection.
Gathering together to drink cacao can create healing, connection and inspiration. The combination of music and cacao produces a powerful synergy that heals the body, restoring energy and cleansing the mind.

It would be nice to have you there. Please book your space in advance, as I prepare cacao for the evening for the guests. We invite women to wear dresses and men – smart casual. Participants fee 21€


With Love,

Otilija and Jonas



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