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Two options are available:

  • 390€ for 90 minutes session.

  • 999€ for package – 3 sessions of 90 minutes each.

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You can book your therapy here:

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Both options and more information –


  1. Choose available date on the calendar.
  2. Choose product from the catalog that is suitable for you – one session or three sessions.
  3. You will be directed to payment page. Right there you can pay with your chosen bank. 

It is hypnotherapy that combines the most common therapies such as hypnosis and psychotherapy to achieve unparalleled, long-lasting results.

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT therapy) is, as its name suggests, a fast-working, solution-focused and revolutionary therapeutic method. It delivers permanent change, without the need for long and drawn-out therapy sessions. RTT® goes beyond hypnosis, diagnosing what works with clients to build a new therapeutic approach.

While using correct, up-to-date, and relevant language when talking to yourself is certainly a part of any transformation. It serves as more of a reinforcement of breakthroughs rather than the catalyst. RTT® therapists could reach breakthroughs via hypnosis. That would not be possible if they were simply trying to access the subconscious mind via altered language and self-talk.

It combines the most beneficial principles of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). To get the root of a client’s issue and negative beliefs, enabling them to address the issues in depth and completely overcome them. But it differs from all of these treatments because we access the memory and recall of your sub-conscious mind to pinpoint the limiting belief that holds you back. This belief is something you formed a long time ago, and it has been working away below the surface guiding you to continue with behaviours that no longer serve you. Once identified, we work on letting go of the belief and replacing it with the empowering thoughts, images and beliefs you identify as wanting.

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Yes, during hypnotherapy you are conscious, only the state of your brain changes – from beta to alpha. In the alpha state, which you reach only during sleep, meditation, hypnosis, we discover what is programmed in your subconscious – by regression. In a state of hypnosis, we return to past (usually childhood) events in which we look for what happened / why a certain fear or addiction arose.

Hypnosis is NOT a sleep. The main difference is that we tend to be relaxed, but with greater awareness. If a person falls asleep during a session, he returns to normal consciousness when asked. This is like simply wake up after a short sleep. They would feel fresh and more relaxed. At any time, the client can go out of hypnosis or choose to ignore the offers. No one is left hypnotized indefinitely – you will always get out of the trance in a short time.

It is absolutely safe. 
Therapist will guide you to safe space – he is trained to do hypnosis in a safe mode. So it’s not possible that you will need to call an ambulance. 

Remember – while you are in a hypnosis state, you are not experiecing the event again – you are just remembering  what happened in your past, what was the trigger. 

Hypnotherapy is absolutely effective during online session. When you close your eyes and are in hypnosis state, you forget if I am next to you, or somewhere in other country. We are one at that state and quality of the session is the same. 

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Compulsive Behaviour


Panic Attacks

Eating Problems
Food /Diet
Weight Problems


Self Esteem

Achieving Goals

Career Issues
Interview Skills

Public Speaking
Concentration Exams

Driving Skills

Sexual Problems



Pain Control

Skin Problems
Hair Growth

Childhood Problems
Sleep Problems

Yes. It is even recommended. Especially when pregnancy is threatening – to keep and protect the baby.

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Yes, it will. We try to make an appointment at the time when person is the best version of him – most sobber at that moment. And we ask the person not to consume before the therapy.

Yes, it will. 

But it is very difficult to work with person who consume, for example, antidepressants. 

Antidepressants – very strong anesthetics, completely blocking the consciousness. A lot of work is done by hypnosis to penetrate the consciousness of the real person.

In hypnosis, it looks like a thick cloud and, in the beginning, you have to look for a person.

This makes work very difficult and results more difficult to achieve. It takes more time, but we can’t overdo it because people in depression can’t be considered a disease under hypnosis either.

Therefore, we urge you not to use antidepressants or similar medications for about a week before a hypnosis session.

You must complete the form that you will get in your e-mail and we will use it during the 15 minute interview. During hypnotherapy, you should be in a quiet, non-disturbing environment – duration 90 minutes. Meetings take place online via the Zoom platform.

Hypnotherapy step by step:

  1. You book your appointment.

  2. After we get the payment, our team will send you the form to fill in. Send your filled in form to

  3. Then our team contacts with you to arange the call (duration: 15 minutes)  with Otilija Dieaz a day before your booked session. This call is needed for  your healing startegy.

  4. Hypnotherapy session – you will get your appointment Zoom link to start your private session with Otilija Dieaz. 

  5. After the session: you must drink a lot of water! Between 1 to 5 days, write us your feelings, changes happening after Hypnotherapy. It is very important part of therapy – to write your senses, feelings, differences. When you write, you can feel pain and have perceptions, what kind of changes happened. This step is required.

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Getting rid of unwanted behavior, addictions – by rewriting the old program in the subconscious into a new one – changes your life and its quality.

After the hypnotherapy, you get a record of your hypnosis, which you repeat for 21 days.

After session hypnotherapist will give you recommendations what to do after the hypnosis.

More about hypnosis here:

If  you want a new behavior/habit to form in your subconscious mind, you need to do it for 21 consecutive days. Thats how your mind works – you can change any believe through repetiion. 

We belong to International Hypnosis Federation

The International Hypnosis Federation membership organization supports helpful and healthful mind, body and spirit learning, communication, practices and practitioners. Since the 1990s we remain an inspirational open forum for growth-oriented education, beliefs, and expertise. Members agree to maintain high ethical standards in their personal life, vocations and avocations. We learn, work and play together as we promote tranquility, truth-telling, harmony, love, enlightenment, abundance and fun.

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Recently Otilija Dieaz has satisfactorily completed the course of instruction and study in the practical application of RTT at Marisa Peer School Hereby.

Hypnotherapy package

  • When there is a more difficult situation in life and many different illnesses, emotions, full healing is offered with 3 sessions.

  • When there is a higher addiction, like alcohol, drugs or even cigarettes, a 3-session package applies. Less than 3 sessions are not recommended, no strong attachments with deeper dependence are needed to establish it for a wonderful long life.

  • Depression, panic attacks, great experiences, anorexia.

  • Severe diseases, heart, cancer, lupus and the like.

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3 sessions are recommended.

Although hypnosis is so strong that after one session, a woman often becomes pregnant, but 3 sessions are recommended.

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Hypnosis works very fast, it heals in moments. But such a speed is more difficult for a person to perceive and at the same time even the elimination of several diseases that are complicated to carry out at once. It takes time to breathe, to accept what has happened, time to get used to a healthy body, a state.

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The first and second sessions are only 1 week apart, the third session is about 2-3 weeks later.

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It is important – support from loved one as one goes through major life-changing transformations.

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Drink a lot of water – more than always. Remember this is the best natural transformer.

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Faith. This is not a necessity, Hypnosis works and without faith, like the Internet, it works and whether you believe it or not.

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Kas aš esu - Evoliucinis hipnozių ciklas

Pradžia nuo spalio 25d. Trukmė 3 mėn.

Užsiregistruokite čia:

Visa kurso kaina yra 249 eur. Galima mokėti ir dalimis – suma skaidoma į 3 dalis (3 mėn.) Mėnesio įmoka yra 89 eur. 

Pirkite čia:

Ciklą sudaro 4 dalys. Kiekviena hipnozė bus įrašyta kas tris savaites (21d.) 
Taip pat, jau įdėta 5-ta hipnozė pasitikėjimui savimi – kaip pasiruošimas ciklui.

Sakitykite daugiau:

Šiuo metu intensyviai kuriama visiškai nauja ir labai patogi platforma, kad galėtumėte klausyti hipnozių lengvai ir patogiai.
Šį perėjimo laikotarpį vis dar naudojame FB uždarą grupę. Įrašai bus pasiekiami visada, kiek tik Jums patogu ir prireikia.

Labai svarbu klausytis įrašų per stereo ausines, kadangi skirtingi garso dažniai siunčiami skirtingose ausų pusėse, skirtingu metu.

Hipnozes rekomenduojama klausytis atsipalaidavus, patogiai atsisėdus arba atsigulus, niekam Jūsų netrukdant. 
Kaip pasiruošti hipnozei galite skaityti čia –

SVARBU: nesiklausyti įrašų dirbant aktyvius darbus, vairuojant ar atliekant kitus protinius darbus.

Taip. Hipnozės įrašai veikia net Jums užmiegant – Jūsų pasąmonė veikia ir viską girdi, kol sąmonė miega. Iš hipnozės galima pabusti betkada, todėl tai yra visiškai saugu, Jūs save kontroliuojate. Pasitikėkite savimi ir leiskite sau užmigti, panirkite į hipnozės įrašus.

Daugiau apie hipnozių saugumą:

Kuomet Jūs klausotės įrašo, dažniausia eiga yra tai, kad užmiegate. Jūsų sąmonė ilsisi ir tuo metu pasąmonė yra aktyvioje, jautrioje būsenoje, kuomet yra lengviausia perrašinėti seną (Jūsų nešiojamą) programą į naują. Kartojimas (repetition 21d.) šiuo atveju yra labai svarbus norint įtikinti protą, kad kartojami sakiniai Jums yra tiesa, kurią norite manifestuoti savo realybėje, gyvenime.

Tai tik apie 20-30 min. per dieną, išklausyti hipnozes prieš miegą arba ryte.
Pokyčiai matomi iškarto.


Visos pagrindinės programos, pagal kurias mes operuojame kasdiena, yra sukurtos vaikystėje. Po pasaulyje įvykusių didžiųjų pokyčių yra didelis poreikis keistis ir savyje, iš vidaus.

Šiame cikle yra fokusuojama subalansuoti save iš centro, iš širdies, kad pajusti LENGVUMĄ ir TYRĄ DŽIAUGSMĄ GYVENIMO.


Būtent būnant vaikais yra programuojami pagrindiniai gyvenimo modeliai –  pagal kuriuos yra gyvenama kasdieniniam gyvenime. Todėl labai svarbu atsigręžti į vidinį vaiką esantį mūmyse, atpažinti įrašytus/ išmoktus veikimo modulius bei juos keisti į kokybišką gyvenimą. 

Mūsų santykių ir gyvenimo gerovė priklauso nuo santykių su tėvais, mūsų šaknimis. Kadangi esame mūsų protėvių palikuonys, mums labai svarbu susitikti su jais ir užgydyti visas esamas žaizdas giminės linijoje. Hipnozės metu esame kvantiniame laike – tiksliau laikas neegzistuoja. Todėl mes turime delikačią galimybę sugrįžti į praeitį ir susitiksi su savosiomis šaknimis.

Laisvės jausmo, pasitikėjimo savimi ir gyvenimu, turtingumo kasdienybėje, gyvenimo būdo lyg atostogų, gyvenimo meilės ir laimės būsenoje kasdien.

Daugiau skaitykite čia:

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a process for inducing a relaxed state of mind and a space for communication between the conscious and unconscious minds. Some authors would claim that hypnosis is not a therapy of itself, but a process of coming in and out of trance like states.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach, applied by a trained practitioner, who makes use of hypnosis to identify and treat problems. So this seems to suggest that hypnotherapists cannot operate without using hypnosis but that hypnosis is a tool to be used by a range of professionals.

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Hypnotherapy—the practice of hypnosis—entails the use of trance and suggestion to adjust habits of thought, feeling and behaviour. It can also aid in general self-improvement through strategies. Hypnotherapeutic results can be restorative, rehabilitative, curative and, seemingly, miraculous. All by harnessing the untapped power of the subconscious mind.

More to read:

Yes. Hypnotherapy is a streamlined state of focused attention. You have the ability to come back from hypnosis at any time if you wish. Hypnotherapist is acting like a guide that is taking you on a journey; any change can only be made by you. Realising that you are in control and can make changes yourself, can be very empowering.

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Hypnosis is NOT sleep. One main difference is that we tend to be in a relaxed state, but with heightened awareness. If a person were to fall asleep during a session, they would return to normal consciousness when asked to. Like simply awaken after a short nap. They would feel refreshed and more relaxed.

Testimonial about therapy:

At any time, a client can re-alert or choose to ignore suggestions. No one stays hypnotized indefinitely – you will always “come out” of trance within a short time.

Check what kind of Hypnosis available:

Hypnosis is a safe and effective therapeutic mode of treatment. So it helps with treating conditions like headaches, anxiety, depression, and quitting bad habits, like smoking and excessive drinking.

Rather than taking away control from an individual, hypnotherapy increases the amount of power an individual has over certain aspects of his/her life. Thus, getting rid of negative perceptions like anxiety, bad habits, stress, and pain.

Hypnotherapy was formally accepted as a therapeutic modality in 1958 by the American Medical Association (AMA) and by the British Medical Association (BMA) in 1956.

The European Society of Hypnosis (ESH) is a confederation of National Societies specialising in the use of hypnotherapy in the fields of medicine, dentistry, psychology, and psychotherapy. ESH was founded in 1976, when a group of European medical professionals.

Perhaps the most frequent question asked to any hypnosis practitioner is: how many sessions will it take? While any competent hypnotist will be able to give a rough guide. Often in the 1, such as giving up smoking addictions, but if it’s a bigger, deeper problem, about 3 sessions.

Be assured that hypnosis, when employed by a fully trained and experienced practitioner usually speeds up the therapeutic process enormously. Even highly complex issues that might otherwise take months or even years to resolve can often be dealt with in a matter of weeks. Provided the hypnotist knows what he or she is doing.

Hypnotherapy package here:

Hypnotherapist will explain step by step about her method of working, what you can expect from this session. Also will ask some questions about your intention of this session. After the consultation the therapist will guide you into hypnosis using the method which they believe is most appropriate for you. After a session you may feel uplifted, lighter and most likely, very relaxed.


Book a private session with Otilia Dieaz:

Yes, of course. 
For example, at morning you can listen hypnosis for success, and in the evening for self-confidence.

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About Essences

To make essence, we are using flowering part of the plant. And the process of sun steeping in water, captures the energy imprint of the flower. So, unlike essential oils or herbal remedies, which contain physical substances extracted from plants, there is no physical part of the flower in a flower essence. Only its healing vibration. Every flower has a different healing quality.

First developed in the 1930s by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach. He prepared 38 remedies, mostly from English wildflowers.

Flower essences work by the principle of resonance. As a result, the action of flower essences is energetic, not biochemical. All plants have a unique vibrational energy pattern, and the flower is the tip of this energy. So Sometimes flower essences work immediately; other times you may feel the effects unfold over days or weeks, layer by layer.

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The main difference to note about flower essences and essential oils is usage. To take flower essence internally, you need to use a eye dropper. Another difference is that essential oils have definite aromas; flower essences do not.
Essential oils are produced from large quantities of plant material, while flower essences only from flowering part of the plant.

Flower essences and essential oils are very complimentary to each other in healing work.

Flower essences are safe and gentle to use whether taken internally or used on the skin. The vibrational imprint of the flower is extracted in water, which is then further preserved. Essential oils work primarily through the sense of smell. You need to use carrier oil for the most essentials oils.

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It can help people who suffer from physical illness by addressing the emotional responses to the illness. And by working with the underlying conflicts and tensions that may have contributed to the onset of the illness.

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This essence works through the central and heart chakras, helps to open the heart, feel happiness and bliss. It is also extremely helpful in relieving stress or mood swings. Our body is 60-70% water, so this essence helps to raise the vibration of the water within us. To feel our inner fullness and to realize that we are Divine beings. Creativity opens up in art, daily routine, life itself.
The essence of San Pedro flower is about transformation, rebirth, spiritual discipline and access to creative potential.

San Pedro flower Essences you can buy here:

No, the vibrational imprint of the flower is extracted in water, which is then further diluted. You are not taking psychoactive part, which is Wachuma cactus itself.

San Pedro flower Essences you can buy here:


Yes, as San Pedro Essence doesn’t have any psychoactive effect upon you. We make our Natural Flower Essence – San Pedro from a flower of Wachuma cactus, according to Dr Bach technology.

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Our clients reported to us that San Pedro essence is very safe and can be used by anyone, children included. Essences compliment every healing modality.
The animals feel the change of vibration in the body even faster and we immediately see the effect on your pet.

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Hypno oil is the essence of alchemy that helps to enter the meditative state, change the state, release control. It is therefore recommended to use it before hypnosis. Oil recommended for all spiritual therapies such as hypnosis, meditation or just to feel at your center every day.

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This Hypno oil has protection with canella that helps meet your inner child. Frankincense allows you to go to the deepest layers, deepen and find true wisdom. Lavender raminana, peppermint energizes. Pomelo prevents sleep, causing the nervous system to sleep, but the subconscious is active. Bergamot, acting directly on the central nervous system – harmonizing, with cedar wood (Cedar Wood) for grounding. Ylang ylang helps to transform smoothly – to feel safe. I also used a special ingredient from the Island of the Gods, Bali.

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It is often the comments of loved ones that warn us first and foremost about the changes that are taking place. Many people report general differences in flower essences and oils. Customers feel uplifted, calmer or better at dealing with existing situations. However, to notice truly specific changes in the essence of flowers and oil, you will need to objectively monitor your emotional and mental states.

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Hypno essential oil

Essence of Alchemy of 12 different oils. It is a scent that helps to relax your body and mind before hypnosis or meditation.

The smell, what we breathe in – this sense doesn’t have any filters, that’s why we use it  to help surrender to inner self, our inner God seed.

It helps to release control, mutual illusions, adherence to the past.

You will feel harmony, peace and meet yourself, your pure purest soul.

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It’s helps you to dive into the depths of your own being. To start your journey into the heart and self-knowledge.

Helps to relax easier, to change your energy and your mood.

This deep smell shatters all fears into micro particles and it disappears.

It helps to release control, mutual illusions, adherence to the past.

Just You remains, and when you inhale this natural smell, you feel one with nature. You will feel harmony, peace and meet yourself, your pure purest soul.

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Hypnosis itself is a very delicate alchemy, touching the deepest parts of subconscious, rapidly transforming and liberating. The preparation is very important. To have courage to see your deepest fears, let it go, it can be quite challenging. So yes, we use all we got on the Earth to help us.

It’s helps you to dive into the depths of your own being. To start your journey into the heart and self-knowledge.

Helps to relax easier, to change your energy and your mood.

This deep smell shatters all fears into micro particles and it disappears.

This essential oil can be used on your skin.

It helps to release control, mutual illusions, adherence to the past.

You will feel harmony, peace and meet yourself, your pure purest soul. Just You remains, and when you inhale this natural smell, you feel one with nature.


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It was created for a person, who are coming to hypnosis session, could easily relax. 

85% of people can’t relax quickly, because usually they are very tens, because of the routine, hard working schedules, stress. 

When you come from your work environment to hypnosis session – it is very difficult to relax quickly. So that’s why Hypno essential oil is created.

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The smell, what we breathe in – this sense doesn’t have any filters, that’s why we use it  to help surrender to inner self, our inner God seed.

It’s helps you to dive into the depths of your own being. To start your journey into the heart and self-knowledge.

This deep smell shatters all fears into micro particles and it disappears.

Just You remains, and when you inhale this natural smell, you feel one with nature.

It helps to release control, mutual illusions, adherence to the past.

You will feel harmony, peace and meet yourself, your pure purest soul.


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This Hypno Oil has protection with Canella, which helps to meet your inner child. Frankincense dive into the deepest layers,  deeper to find the real wisdom. Lavender calming, with Peppermint to energise. Pomelo is not letting to fall asleep, so the nervous system sleeps, but the subconscious is active. Bergamot directly acting on the central nervous system – harmonising it, with Cedar Wood grounding. Ylang ylang helps with smooth transformation – to feel safe. Also I used a special ingredient, from Island of the Gods, Bali. Oil recommended for all kind of spiritual therapies – like hypnosis, meditation or just feel centred daily.

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Step by step:

  1. Open up the bottle.
  2. Take few drops from the bottle with pipette.
  3. Drop few drops on your wrists – rub them one against each other.
  4. While you rub your wrists – inhale in the smell slowly.
  5. Then with your wrists lubricat your neck (down your ears). It is the zone where smell quickly go thorugh all the body.
  6. Then with your wrists rotate your temples – very gentle. 
  7. The last position – your third eye. Gently put your wrists on your third eye and tap on for a few seconds. 
  8. Breathe.

Video for how to use Hypno essential oil step by step.

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Yes, it is used before hypnosis session, but also you can use it for your relaxation. 

For example when you come back home from workday and want just to be in a quiet, peacefull state. 

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