I am

I am inspired to share and remind you that we are all one.

We are what we choose to be in every moment and our environment (or external world) is just reflection of us. When we awake from the deep sleep and illusion, our eyes not only can look but also see. We can feel our great power in this creation, on Earth.

We are all creations of God

From my early childhood I was interested in the world and more. When I was little, I saw mandalas and thought everyone saw it too. But only after sharing with others about it, I realized that only I could see it. So I felt fear to share and started to hide my magical world from everyone and try to be normal.

When I rediscovered myself as an adult, I allowed myself to be who I am. At first there were fears that maybe something was wrong. However I decided to believe in myself. Having found God Father Universe and Mother Earth, discovered Divine Light in me, as in all of us. I felt more bliss, happiness and joy. We all are creations of God.

Journey back to myself

I was running away from myself, I ran across the countries – I have lived in Norway for 16 years and in Spain for 4 years. Thought in this warm country I will find more happiness, but I couldn’t feel happier. I sought love in others, thus creating dependence on people, compromising myself. I had forgotten that love and happiness are inside me. When I learned this and discovered that fire of love in myself, things changed. And everything started to fall into places. Absolute fullness came, real happiness that I had been looking for many years. Abundance opened up to create from pleasure, love for oneself and the world, joy for no reason. Gratitude.

Discover Higher Self

I wish everyone to discover their higher Self, to feel themselves in all three bodies – physical, mental and spiritual.  To feel harmony in all chakras, in the energy centres within, to feel connection with the Universe, in all possibilities. To feel that we are creating our own reality and what we experience in our daily lives is our own creation. Taking responsibility and creating mindfully, it is something that can be difficult for the mind to understand. But easy for the heart to feel with love. Trust your instincts, revive them, remember that we are all powerful together and we can create big changes within ourselves and the environment around us.

In Norway, I embodied logical thinking. There were numbers everywhere, I even graduated with a specialty in tax law and created large accounting company. I became a good tax strategist.

If I were to do the same business again now, I would have acted on a completely different principle and I believe my company would have become the largest in the country.

But my heart says to follow my mission to help people to wake up, remind them and show them true happiness. Help them to complete their quest and feel love and light. Feel Love for yourself, love for nature – water, trees, animals. To be light force that carries light to every heart.

I am the creator of my reality

Now I am the creator of my reality, I am a happy woman and I enjoy every day. I am a mother of four wonderful children. Also I wake up with gratitude and joy in the morning. I live in this day, I feel like a little child, I enjoy the sun, flowers, smells, laugh of children. And every moment is a miracle, that materialize as ideas and guidance on what and when to do, who to contact, what to do to bring more happiness to others and myself. Also remind us of who we are and what we came to experience here. To give hope to people that anything is possible and to feel unbreakable joy.

We live on this beautiful Earth, here we can decide for ourselves to live in paradise or hell. It is only our own decision to realize that we live in the now and there is no future or past. It is a blessing to jump out of bed with passion for a new day and wonders of the present. We allowed these miracles to happen, because of our own decision to live in paradise on earth. Paradise is here and now, not after death.

The feeling is amazing when I feel the energy in my all body, when the burst of creativity comes and you don’t have to stop yourself, but just allow yourself to be and enjoy this process. Enjoy the surroundings and realize that we can do anything we want if we allow ourselves.

Enjoy and love your body, taste and feel this taste, feel in your all senses.

To feel the greatness and power of the Earth, to accept and love it, for it gives unconditionally and does not ask for anything in return.

Allowing yourself to be

Feeling the feminine nature of the goddess is infinitely magical. There comes true magic that is in each of us. Developing the sixth sense and feeling the magic is Divine blessing. When after many searches you find that everything is much simpler. Just allow yourself to be yourself: a being who came here as a soul and light.

Then everything comes together in its places: love, abundance and beloved activities. Beauty, scents, colours and everything around us becomes so magical. Awesome feeling comes when you realize you are part of that magic. Every thought is in the air, a word or an action is our creation, part of ONESS. We are all together, every day and minute, until time is running out, and only necessarily.

Inspiration to share

I am inspired to share and remind you that we all are ONE.

We are what we choose to be in every moment and our environment (or external world) is just reflection of us. When we awake from the deep sleep and illusion, our eyes not only can look but also see. We can feel our great power in this creation, on Earth.

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During my trip to Mexico, to ancient temples, our group performed one ritual to invoke the rain. Witnessing such a miracle, the whole group was in euphoria.

In this magical moment I heard a voice within my own heart telling me to create San Pedro flower essence, according to Dr. Bach technology, so that everyone could feel vibration and energy of this powerful plant in their daily life.

I was particularly surprised when, on my return home, in Spain, I was greeted by San Pedro cactus flower in the front yard of my own home. It was quite clear to me that this flower is just a miracle like the essence it’s made of, in the warm Spanish sun.

It was produced in the Fall, the same day when one of Spain’s biggest storms occurred, when cars swam through the streets, many beaches were washed away and people were leaving their homes.

You can read the story of AMORaTi’s name and logo here. 



The essence of San Pedro flower is about transformation, rebirth, spiritual discipline and access to creative potential.

Activates the magic that exists in us. In our shadow lie the greatest gifts and potential, so instead of running away from the inner darkness and confusion, we must accept, heal, realize and embody aspects of our own shadow.

Let’s awaken our divine greatness by fostering spiritual growth, cleansing and revitalizing the aura, removing the negative and the blocks that stop our spiritual progress.

The essence of San Pedro releases “gloomy moods”, fears, phobias and anxiety. This essence is for deep transformative inner healing and heart opening. The essence of San Pedro flower will teach you about the creative potential that lies within you and will help to open new directions in your life.