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Hypno essential oil (10ml)


Hipnozė – pinigų magnetas, turtas, gausa ir materializacija


Hipnozė: Meilės/santykių – magnetas


I am

I am inspired to share and remind you that we are all ONE. We are what we choose to be every moment and our environment (or external world) is just reflection of our inner being. When we awake from the deep sleep and illusion our eyes not only can look but also see, our ears not only can listen, but hear the whispers of our heart. Feel your great power in this creation, on this Earth.


Essence for your soul. For self-knowledge. We all follow the same path – to self-knowledge, self-healing and self realization. In order to love, one must first know oneself, accept all aspects of oneself, die to all limitations, and reborn. Shamanic retreats, spiritual self rituals and ceremonies, meditation events are designed for deep self-knowledge, so that you open yourself for more Love. Do you have enough courage to meet your true self?


Hypnosis therapy. I call this an anti-hypnosis consultation because we hypnotize ourselves automatically every day, even without realizing it. We speak words to ourselves, quietly in our minds. And what we say to ourselves – we create in real life. Stop and see what kind of hypnosis you are creating for yourself now.

Stop and see, what hypnosis you have created for yourself.

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